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Guided tours


Tours of the Institute of Anatomy


A. Toll-free guides

The collection of the Institute of Anatomy is regulary presented to the interested public twice a year as part of the Collegium alexandrinum. For appointments see the program of 
Collegium alexandrinum.

B. Paid guides

The Institute of Anatomy provides interested parties (e.g. schools for medical professionals) individually aranged guided tours to explain duties of the anatomy and circumstances of body donation and to present selected preparations of the human body.

A guide for a maximum of 25 participants for 90 minutes.

For a guide, a fee of € 250 will be charged.

Medical protective cloting is provided by the Institute without additionall charges.

Disciplined behavior of all participants is an essential requirement, as is demonstrated on human corpses!

Tours can take place only by appointment. For this please contact at least three weeks, but not earlier than two months prior to the desired appointment:

Dr. Thomas Buder

For the submission of the application form we need your fax number. These forms are not sent via e-mail.